PRESS RELEASE – 21 Feb 2018

باسمه تعالى

The South African National Quran Council (“SANQC”), previously known as the South African National Quran Committee, was established with the sole objective of serving the Noble Quran. In our endeavour to achieve this objective, our flagship project is the annual National Quran Memorization Competition.

The SANQC’s non-alignment to any political party or organisation is crucial to the functioning and objectives of the Council.

The SANQC’s principle as embodied in its Mandate & Vision is clear:

The SANQC seeks to unite people of all backgrounds. While we respect everyone’s right to hold a viewpoint, we remain exclusively committed to our objectives. All decisions and policies are based on those objectives without bias or prejudice. The SANQC shall not be abused by individuals to promote their personal views.
The SANQC is and shall remain apolitical.

The decisions made for and on behalf of the SANQC are purely based on the objectives of the SANQC and are not informed or influenced by any political inclinations, internal religious differences, social matters, customary practices or otherwise.

The SANQC shall vehemently defend our policy of remaining independent, neutral and apolitical.

The SANQC has placed the Quran above all personalities and personal differences. All decisions are made, keeping the objectives of the SANQC foremost without the influence of personal differences.

The SANQC is financially independent and it does not rely on the funding of any particular country, political party, political organisation and/or political individual. By the Grace of Almighty Allah, the SANQC is able to function independently.

The Competition has been held for the past 12 years in South Africa. By the Grace of the Almighty and not surprisingly, the Competition grew and continues to grow from strength to strength. The Competition as a result of the popularity and growth required bigger venues to accommodate the people of the Quran from all walks of life in South Africa.
As a result of this and for the previous four (4) competitions they was hosted at the Nizamiye Masjid.

The effort and dedication by our contestants, volunteers, teachers and Provincial and National organising is of such an intensity and is carried out with such enthusiasm that it encourages the continuation of the Competition year-after-year culminating in the National Finals. These finals are now being broadcast nationally and internationally through television and social media platforms.

The SANQC emphasises that we do not have any political affiliations whatsoever. Our main purpose being the serving of the Noble Quran for obtaining the pleasure of Almighty Allah. The SANQC seeks to encourage the recitation and memorization of the Noble Quran with the specific objective of promoting the correct and fluent recitation of the Noble Quran.

In 2016, complaints were received by SANQC through informal channels alleging political alignment to certain individuals and organisations based solely on the use by SANQC of the venue being Nizamiye Masjid. The SANQC vehemently denied the allegations and due to the timing of the complaints met with many individuals purporting to represent organisations and other interested parties. The demands placed upon the SANQC were simple: Move the venue or Cancel the Competition!

This was not possible for many reasons, the most important being that all arrangements were made, invites sent and the contestants were prepared for the Competition. The result was that our views were expressed, and the competition was successfully completed and for this we are grateful to Allah. Efforts have been made since the 2016 competition to find a suitable venue but to no avail.

The SANQC empathetically and categorically records that the usage of the Nizamiye Masjid is purely for the location, size and suitability of the venue as the most appropriate venue to cater for a competition of this size. This venue can adequately, comfortably and safely cater for the contestants, general public – male and female – and the large media contingent. It has proper facilities that can accommodate television and radio broadcasting teams and equipment. It meets all the requirements for the proper running of the Competition. The Nizamiye Masjid, like all other Masaajid, belongs to Allah and not to any individual.

Our usage of the Nizamiye Masjid as a venue does not mean, whether by conduct or implication, that the SANQC ascribes to or supports any political individual, political organisation, political party or political ideology that built, financed or controls the Masjid and its affairs.

The SANQC, as an organisation, which has as its primary objective the serving of the Noble Quran, will not allow the Noble Quran and/or itself to be used as a pawn in any context, political or otherwise.

02 Jamadul Ukhra 1439 || 19 February 2018

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