South African National Quran Council

The South African National Quran Council (SANQC), was established with the sole objective of serving the Noble Quran.


In our endeavour to achieve this objective, our flagship project is the annual South African National Quran Memorization Competition. Through the competition we seek to encourage the South African Muslim Community to memorize the Noble Quran, excel in its correct recitation and promote the study of advanced Quranic Sciences.


The SANQC is a Muslim Organisation. Based on the dictates of the Noble Quran, we are non-racial and non-sexist. The SANQC subscribes to the Doctrine of Islam as understood and practiced by the Noble Prophet Muhammad    SAW and the Salaf Al-Sälȋh (The Three  Pious Generations), commonly defined as Ahl Al-Sunnah Wa Al- Al-Jamāʿah.


The Noble Quran is the one unifying factor where all Muslims belonging to the Ahl Al-Sunnah Wa Al-Jamāʿah agree upon, without exception.

The SANQC’s objectives:

  • To promote the memorization of the Nobel Quran.
  • To create love and respect for the Noble Quran and its people.
  • To promote the correct recitation of the Noble Quran and its various dialects.
  • By formulating a standardized adjudicating criterion with no scope for discrepancy, we hope to establish a standard criterion of adjudication across the globe.
  • To provide fair and equal opportunity to all South African Muslim citizens and legal residents from the Ahl Al-Sunnah Wa Al-Jamāʿah to participate in international competitions as representatives of the country.
  • To establish the 1st Non-Arab African International Quran Memorization Competition.
  • To create working relationships with our international counterparts and/or individuals with similar and /or same objectives and activities.

The SANQC is spearheaded by teachers of the sciences of Quranic recitation who have dedicated their lives to the preservation and promotion of Quranic recitation. Sheikh Ihsaan Hendricks has been instrumental in the formation of the SANQC’s general policies. Qari Basheer Patel, Qari Ayoob Essack, Sheikh Abdullah Awaldien and Qari Rasheed Ahmed Dabhelia have dedicated much time and effort to the formulation and development of the SANQC’s Rules & Regulations. Mr. Abdullah Almalki and Mr. Ali Alkhudhairi, previously from the Embassy of Saudi Arabia’s Office of the Religious Attaché, have provided invaluable support and assistance in the establishment of the SANQC.


The efforts of the SANQC focuses on the Quran alone, hence all Schools of Jurisprudence within the Ahl Al-Sunnah Wa Al-Jamāʿah are respected in our quest to make the Noble Quran our common unifying factor.  By remaining accommodating of all schools of jurisprudence, we enjoy a vast subscription of people from diverse backgrounds.


The SANQC seeks to unite people of all backgrounds.  While we respect everyone’s right to hold a viewpoint, we remain exclusively committed to our objectives.  All decisions and policies are based on those objectives without bias or prejudice.  The SANQC shall not be abused by individuals to promote their personal views.


The SANQC is and shall remain apolitical.


The decisions made for and on behalf of the SANQC are purely based on the objectives of the SANQC and are not informed or influenced by any political inclinations, religious differences (whether internal or external), social matters, customary practices or otherwise.


The SANQC shall vehemently defend our policy of remaining independent, neutral and apolitical.


The SANQC has placed the Quran above all personalities and personal differences. All decisions are made, keeping the objectives of the SANQC foremost without the influence of personal differences.


The SANQC does not and will not tolerate any form of disrespect to either the Ahl Al-Bayt (Family) and/or the Companions of the Noble Prophet Muhammad   SAW.  Any person holding any disrespectful beliefs and/or is involved in derogatory practices regarding the Family and/or Companions (رضي الله عنهم) of the Noble Prophet Muhammad  will not be allowed to participate in any activities or be part of the SANQC whatsoever.  This includes sympathisers of such beliefs and/or entities.


The SANQC hosts both the Male and Female chapters of the South African National Quran Memorization Competitions. Both chapters are held strictly within the confines of sharia law and in particular within the laws of hijab, ensuring strict segregation of genders.


The SANQC has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Muslim Judicial Council to further enhance unity amongst South African Muslims. This MOU prevents duplication of competitions and ensures that we all work together for the greater goal of serving the Noble Quran. The SANQC is open to form alliances of the same nature with other Muslim bodies on condition that our principles and independence is not compromised.


Currently the United Kingdom and Ghanaian National Quran Memorization Competitions use the SANQC’s criteria, another milestone in achieving our objectives.


The current format of the South African National Quran Memorization competition consists of eight (8) Regional/Zonal Competitions. Zone 4 (Western Cape) is hosted in conjunction and in partnership with the Muslim Judicial Council’s Department of Quranic Affairs.


  • Zone 1 – Gauteng
  • Zone 2 (a) – KwaZulu – Natal Southern Districts
  • Zone 2 (b) – KwaZulu – Natal Northern Districts & surrounding Free State Towns
  • Zone 3 – Eastern Cape
  • Zone 4 – Western Cape
  • Zone 5 – Mpumalanga
  • Zone 6 – Limpopo
  • Zone 7 – North West
  • Zone 8 – Northern Cape & surrounding Free State Towns


The SANQC is currently operated by a team of dedicated individuals comprising of males and females, children and adults of various professional backgrounds on a voluntary basis.


The SANQC has an open media policy where we operate on equal and fair working arrangements with all media agencies, both radio and television. In the spirit of serving the Noble Quran, all media agencies that we operate with have rendered their full and dedicated cooperation.


Auditing company, NAPN, plays a strategic and vital role in the verification of the competition results. This includes verification of scores, and monitoring of adjudication processes and adjudicators. NAPN serves to preserve the SANQC’s integrity of our adjudication process and preventing any misconduct or unfair practices in this regard.


The SANQC is funded by financial contributions made by generous individuals and businesses.  Some remain anonymous, while some are known.  Every contribution is greatly appreciated. Upon request, and based on the discretion of the SANQC executive committee, certain extraordinary contributors are acknowledged via media and on our official banners, posters and leaflets.